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nitrofurantoin did not induce heritable mutation in the rodent models examined.

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nitrofurantoin is recommended for treatment of infections of the lower urinary tract that is, infection of the urinary bladder, or cystitis .

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caution should be exercised while breast-feeding an infant known or suspected to have an erythrocyte enzyme deficiency, since nitrofurantoin is detected in trace amounts in breast milk.

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major bleeding episodes are exceedingly rare with the correct indication and vamla technique generic nitrofurantoin 50mg line antibiotic 101, but they require immediate preliminary hemostasis and probably conversion to open surgery.

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in order to determine current levels of resistance to antibiotics commonly used locally for empirical treatment, we reviewed susceptibility to ampicillin, amoxicillin clavaulanate, trimethoprim, nitrofurantoin, cefalexin, gentamicin, ciprofloxacin and cefpodoxime amongst all e.

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